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Technician of the Year Award

The Office of Animal Care and Use Technician of the Year Award recognizes an outstanding animal resources employee for their excellent performance in ensuring high quality animal care and their dedication to the research community.

  • Eligibility: Any animal resources employee who works in an accredited animal facility at the University of Georgia is eligible for this award. This award is solely for animal resources personnel, research personnel are not eligible. The nominee must work in an animal facility that is accredited by AAALAC International. An employee may only win the award once in any calendar year.
  • Nominations: Any animal resources employee or research lab member may nominate an employee for this award. Nomination forms may be found online or may be obtained from Animal Facility Supervisors.
  • Awards: The "Technician of the Quarter" will be announced four times yearly in the Animal Care and Use Newsletter. Nominations must be submitted by Jan 15th, Apr 15th, Jul 15th or Oct 15th. Award recipients will receive spotlight recognition in the next Animal Care and Use Newsletter. They will also receive a certificate and small cash prize.
  • Award Committee: The award committee will consist of three Animal Resources Managers (one from URAR-Life Sciences, one from URAR-Vet Med, one from PDRC)

Award Criteria

Nominations should be based on the following criteria:

  1. Consistently performs high quality work
  2. Displays exceptional dependability
  3. Creates a positive work environment and enhances the image of animal research at the University of Georgia
  4. Demonstrates a willingness to work with others and assist whenever needed
  5. Has a positive attitude and interacts professionally with all staff members and researchers
  6. Performs extra duties beyond those normally assigned and/or provides creative suggestions for improvement
  7. Volunteers for special projects
  8. Specific service(s) as described by the nominator


Questions: For additional information, please contact Lisa Kelly, Training Coordinator for Animal Care and Use ( 706-583-0816)